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Who/When Posted Title
Tue Oct 15, 2013 @ 06:59PM by Admin Event: Peace Zones - Creating Avenues for Stability through Development
Wed May 22, 2013 @ 04:10PM by Velma Anne Ruth Burma News Int'l features Myanmar-US Trade Council
Mon May 20, 2013 @ 03:53PM by Velma Anne Ruth Reuters features Myanmar-US Trade Council
Mon May 20, 2013 @ 03:49PM by Velma Anne Ruth Myanmar-US Trade Council Established by NYC-DC Trade and Finance Advisory Firm
Tue Apr 09, 2013 @ 04:06PM by Velma Anne Ruth UN International Women's Day: Kurdistan TV
Tue Apr 09, 2013 @ 10:23AM by Velma Anne Ruth UPF Report: Religion & Security
Mon Mar 25, 2013 @ 07:51AM by Velma Anne Ruth Arab League, Kurdistan TV
Sat Mar 23, 2013 @ 01:50PM by Velma Anne Ruth Nowruz New Years, Kurdistan Regional Government Open House, DC
Sat Mar 23, 2013 @ 01:38PM by Velma Anne Ruth Halabja Commemoration after 25 Years (video and comments)
Mon Mar 18, 2013 @ 09:52PM by Velma Anne Ruth Kurdish Genocide: Remembering Halabja for the Sake of the Future
Wed Mar 13, 2013 @ 11:25PM by Velma Anne Ruth Roundtable: Religion, Faith and International Security
Sun Mar 03, 2013 @ 02:57PM by Velma Anne Ruth, M.Ed. The Balkans: Economic Growth in a Post-Conflict Environment

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