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Opinions Wanted: New Donor Lists for 2015 - Washington Marketing Group

Opinions Wanted: New Donor Lists for 2015 - Washington Marketing Group
Velma Anne Ruth, M.Ed. - Tue Dec 02, 2014 @ 06:16PM
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Washington Marketing Group & The List Store

www.twmg.com & www.theliststore.net

As part of Washington Marketing Group's ongoing efforts to enhance our list rental offerings, we are developing some new donor lists and would like your opinion.

Who are the constituencies and donor bases that you or your clients are seeking to reach? Or, feel free to share any additional suggestions.

A) Religious segments (Catholic, Jewish, other)
B) Ethnic groups (African-American, Latin-American, other)
C) Language preference (English, Spanish, other)
D) Vocation (Physicians, Small Business owners, Wealthy Business Leaders, other)
E) Email Address Appends (for those engaging email and social media campaigns) 

Send your response to: velmaanne@registeredindie.com 

About Washington Marketing Group & The List Store

The List Store of the Washington Marketing Group, established in 1987, manages more than fifty list properties, encompassing an unduplicated database of more than 3 million names.

The founders of the Washington Marketing Group and the List Store have been devoted to creating and building conservative organizations and helping elect conservatives to office. Our philosophy is to seek out and build productive lists for as many conservative causes and candidates as we can. We insist that the list properties that we manage not be restricted based on recency, frequency, or dollar amount.

Since most of the donors on our managed lists contribute to multiple organizations, the total records under management exceed 16 million.

Find our lists also on NextMark.

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