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ISIS Crisis with General Audino – Voices of Global Freedom Radio

ISIS Crisis with General Audino – Voices of Global Freedom Radio
Velma Anne Ruth, M.Ed. - Tue Dec 23, 2014 @ 12:54PM
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Listen at: http://globalfreedomradio.com/isis-crisis/

Live Air Date, with Public Callers in Q&A: December 20, 2014

Voices of Global Freedom Radio interview with Brigadier General Ernie Audino, (US Army, Ret.), who spent a year in Kurdistan fighting alongside the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, getting to know the Kurds very well.

Brigadier General Audino talks about his time in Kurdistan and his views on the future of Kurds and US policies toward the Kurdish government. Brigadier General Ernie Audino received his master’s degree in National Security and Strategic Studies at the National War College and studied Kurdish history in depth under Ambassador Peter Galbraith.

With the demise of the Baathist Regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and withdrawal of US forces, Iran is the most powerful force in the Gulf and is conducting airstrikes inside Iraq. Tehran and Washington fight ISIS. We must check Iranian strength, not accommodate it as the Obama administration is doing. General Audino believes an independent Kurdistan is the best buffer against the spread of radical Islam in the region.

Voices of Global Freedom Radio, syndicated on Spark Radio Network, broadcasting also on K98.

Selected Highlights from the Interview:

Historically, Saddam Hussein imposed 48 strikes of chemical weapons, flattened 5000 villages, and imposed 7 million landmines in Kurdish soil as part of his genocidal campaign against Kurds. The Kurds have since rebuilt their country, following their partnership with the US in the Iraq war.

One caller raised questions over Obama's current activities, impacts on foreign alliances, and concern over food supply that was air dropped, intended for Kurds, but ended up to ISIS. General Audino expressed he has no direct knowledge of the air drop, but noted air drops are at risk of drifting. General Audino also highlighted effective policy requires equipping the Kurds, as Kurds are the only ones taking the fight to ISIS. Current Obama policy is to equip through Baghdad, not through Erbil (Hawler). Baghdad requires a manifest submitted in advance, notifying the Iraqi leaders of what's in the shipment. If Baghdad does not want Kurds equipped, resources are cut off the list or siphoned. The Kurds very grateful for the support they have been receiving, and so is the General, but it is not enough support. 

General Audino shared two questions for US leadership that was raised by Kurds in reflection of the prosperity and peace that is currently in Kurdistan, following their alliance with US in Iraq. 

1. Does America think terrorists have a timeline?
2. Do Americans think if they stop fighting terrorists, that the terrorists will stop fighting them?

Kurds have an advantage of persistence, and are in it for the long haul. We have to value victory over ISIS, more than ISIS values victory over us.

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