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Celanese Corp Responds To Release On Mexican Investigation Of Environmental Violations

Celanese Corp Responds To Release On Mexican Investigation Of Environmental Violations
Velma Anne Ruth, M.Ed. - Sat May 09, 2015 @ 06:41PM
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As reported in 'Hydrocarbon Processing', a trade publication: 

"Celanese responded to the allegations with a statement of its own on Friday:
"The allegations referenced in this news release are baseless and without a foundation of fact or scientific data. The Celanese facility in Ocotlan, Mexico, operates according to the regulatory requirements of Mexican environmental law, and Celanese has a long history of working cooperatively with regulatory authorities to ensure it is in compliance with all environmental requirements. The plant is currently under no citation for an environmental regulatory violation. Additionally, Celanese did receive the necessary authorization for recent plant expansion and related activities."
"Celanese operates all of its global manufacturing facilities in a manner consistent with -- and in compliance with -- local, regional and federal safety, environmental and regulatory laws."
Celanese officials said the Ocotlan plant continues to operate normally and without interruption despite the search warrant executed by the PGR. The Ocotlan plant produces acetate tow (an air-filtration medium)."

Source: http://www.hydrocarbonprocessing.com/Article/34522...

The original press release was posted in Nasdaq.com, with reference to GuruFocus.com

The original press release was also posted in 385 online news publications throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Latin America, Spain, Germany, UK, and Singapore 

Official investigative analysis by environmental specialists under the Mexican Attorney General, and official statements by the federal Mexican authorities is available upon request. 


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