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New Conservative Donor Lists: Business Leaders, Catholic Donors, Hispanic Donors

New Conservative Donor Lists: Business Leaders, Catholic Donors, Hispanic Donors
Velma Anne Ruth, M.Ed. - Sun Dec 06, 2015 @ 06:37PM
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Washington Marketing Group & The List Store

Just in time for final year-end fundraising, we are announcing New Lists added under Washington Marketing Group management.
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Conservative Business Leaders are executives, management, financial and legal professionals, medical professionals, and retirees that have generously provided financial support to several organizations on a broad range of issues. They understand the financial and strategic atrocities caused by ObamaCare, support repealing and replacing the system, as they have been actively opposing over-regulation of healthcare at state and federal levels, and successfully defeated HillaryCare. They are for limited government, want to cut spending, want to lower and cut taxes. These fiscal conservatives believe that limited government provides unlimited opportunity for themselves, their children and their grandchildren. They are for state right to work laws, opposed to the Obama agenda of turning America into a mirror image of the failed socialist countries of Europe. These donors are against the Obama liberal Big Government anti-freedom agenda.
Total Universe: 406,209
$100+ Donors: 88,604
Regular Price: $120/M, Plus Selects and $75/F Email Delivery

These donors are traditional Catholics who are highly supportive of socially conservative organizations, generously donate to Candidates who share their views, and put their pocketbook where their heart is. They are Pro-Life and support the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. They uphold family values and donate to appeals for traditional marriage. These politically active Catholics are concerned about America's declining moral condition and dedicated to the preservation of liberty. They are adamently opposed to left-wing agendas that attack and attempt to undermine organizations and projects that support Christian values, and are fiercely against liberal campaigns that seek to seize religious liberty from Catholics and the wider Christian community in America. On domestic and foreign policy, they hold Judeo-Christian values in high regard, are God fearing individuals, are strongly pro-Israel, advocate for Border Security and National Defense. These generous donors are in grave opposition to Obama's socialist agenda in America, and its negative impacts around the world.
Total Universe: 298,556
$100+ Donors: 67,729
Regular Price: $120/M, plus selects and $75/F email delivery

Hispanic Conservative Donors are Americans of Hispanic decent, bi-lingual speaking both English and Spanish. They are passionate to protect and uphold the US Constitution, Constitutional rights, small government, Freedoms and the American Way of Life as it was conceived by and defended by the Founding Fathers. Many Latin-Americans left their home country in direct protest against communism and socialism, prioritizing the American Way. On social issues, Hispanic Conservatives are professionals, uphold and empower individual rights and responsibilties, are committed to hard-work and personal incentive to improve the quality of life. Hispanic Conservatives also prioritize family first, are Pro Life, and emulate traditional Christian values. Hispanic Conservatives take issue with the Hispanic Congressional Caucus for failing to represent their views.
Total Universe: 136,719
$100+ Donors: 12,351
Regular Price: $120/M, plus selects and $75/M email delivery

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William Shaker, President: william.shaker@twmg.com 
Velma Anne Ruth, Associate: velmaanne@registeredindie.com
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