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Washington Marketing Group

Fundraising List Service for Political Campaigns, Institutes, & Charities


Independent Review, Inc. is proud to support our client Washington Marketing Group, offering a database of over 3 million Christian and conservative donors throughout the US, and providing a leading list service to hundreds of dedicated customers for over 30 years 

For more information, please visit Washington Marketing Group: www.twmg.com

and The List Store: www.theliststore.net

Also, feel free to contact us and inquire on the list rentals, specific lists, or to place an order: velmaanne@registeredindie.com 

About Washington Marketing Group

The Washington Marketing Group is a full service direct response marketing firm. Services offered range from List Management, Copy Writing & Package Design, and print brokerage.

William and the late Joanna Shaker founded The Washington Marketing Group in 1987. However, the Shaker Creative Team has been producing award-winning direct marketing campaigns and launching organizational membership programs for more than forty years.

Bill has also run public policy and charitable organizations; and in that role he learned that issues and causes of little popular appeal could be brought to life and given great fundraising appeal using innovative list strategies and innovative formatting. Converting traditional packages to WMG Designs often lifts response by 25% to 35%.

The Washington Marketing Group has launched and built several organizations, including:

  • BankCard Holders of America
  • Heart to Heart Foundation
  • The American Council for Health Care Reform (ACHCR)
  • The Rule of Law Committee
  • RepublicanPac.com
  • Declaration Alliance

The Washington Marketing Group's multimedia campaign for ACHCR won the Triple Crown -- ECHO, MAXI and John Caples awards. WMG increased ACHCR membership from 3,000 to more than 500,000 members within 18 months. We accomplished this increase by carefully targeting consumer groups with a tightly integrated direct mail and multimedia campaign. The organization enjoyed direct mail response rates of between 4% and 10% for most of the prospect lists mailed.

The Washington Marketing Group was also chief fundraiser for Keyes 2000, generating an eight figure "war chest" for the Alan Keyes Presidential Campaign, and its fundraising campaigns for Rick Santorum and RepublicanPac.com won Silver Pollie awards from the American Society of Political Consultants.